Healing Sleep, Night and the Rest of Your Day

Problems with sleep are so epidemic that many consider this problem 'normal'. Scientific data is confirming the link between sleep problems and many diseases. It is critically important to rule out medical causes for insomnia, and just as important to address other problems that compromise healthy sleep including our relationship to night and how we live our days.

According to Dr. Andrew Weil," Dr. Rubin Naiman is truly a pioneer in integrative sleep and dream medicine ." I have been studying with Rubin and assisting him when he teaches at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and am able to bring current complementary medicine information and practices to people who have sleep issues and want to heal this aspect of their lives. I offer information and practices that help promote natural, healthy sleep:

  • Sleep is a key component of health.

  • Rest is the bridge to sleep.

  • Rest and Sleep together are the nourishment needed for lasting lifestyle change.

  • Learn how to make better nights so you'll have better days.

  • Make better days so you'll have better nights.

"Sleep," said the Dalai Lama, "is the best meditation."

"From a yogic perspective, sleep is not seen as unconsciousness or the mere absence of waking. It is understood in terms of the presence of another kind of consciousness-a serene inner peace. In letting go of active waking, this more peaceful, underlying layer of who we really are is revealed. Sleep is seen as a gracious reconnection with our deeper, true Self." -- Dr. Rubin Naiman

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